Zildjian Gen16 Retail Displays

Zildjian hired us to help them with the launch of their Gen16 brand of digital products; part of the effort involved the design of several retail displays for the new offerings. We utilized our brand expertise to guide the early development of the Gen16 brand across retail display, packaging, and trade show. This built the foundation for creating innovative displays, from concept to production, for Zildjian’s retail partners, creating a presence for the new Gen16 products. Using our human factors expertise, we crafted engaging interactive experiences for shoppers, promoting in-store demonstration of never-before-seen electronic cymbal technology.

The Zildjian Gen16 AE Cymbal Demo Station is an interactive retail display that promotes the brand and allows users to demo the Gen16 system. The compact design takes up a minimal amount of space while incorporating a powered, fully functional Acoustic Electric Cymbal, Controller, and headphones; in addition to 4 product packages below.

The Zildjian Gen16 AE Drum Rack Demo Station is an in-store interactive floor display showcasing the entire AE cymbal system. A ceiling mounted logo header floats above for maximum brand visibility. A clean, simple graphic approach ties different elements of the design together.

The Zildjian Gen16 Digital Vault Displays: We developed multiple options for clean, simple displays to enhance the Gen16 Brand and Digital Vault product line. Flexible designs easily translated to countertop displays, floor standing displays, and wall mounted displays.