Mambo Chair

With the Mambo Chair, our goal was to design a seat that accommodates a wide range of individual abilities and preferences in sitting positions, encourages movement, gives feedback to the user and educates the user about postures that encourage the natural curves of the spine. We saw a need for a real solution to the well-known problem of the adverse health effects of remaining sedentary for hours on end while working. Our design for the ultimate ergonomic office chair is highly adjustable and can actively tilt up to 15 degrees in any direction as the sitter moves their body for different tasks. We proved out the design by creating a full sized functional prototype and testing it with users. The articulating, tilting seat encourages better posture and blood circulation for a healthier office environment. The Mambo Chair won first prize in the Knoll/Adaptive Environments/Peabody Office Furniture competition, "A Place to Sit".