Happy New Year!

We hope that you find the time in 2019 to discover inspiration all around you! May your year be full of opportunities and insights – in both your work and your life.

Behind the Scenes: how we created the imagery in our video

To ring in the new year, we’re sharing one of our methods for creative exploration: to look at a common object in an unusual or exciting way. We chose an egg for its symbolism of rebirth and new life, and also for its ubiquity. Eggs are so commonplace in everyday life that it’s normal to think of as unremarkable objects. When viewed in a new light, however…


…a humble egg can become a beautiful, otherworldly landscape.

For our video, we placed an intact egg on a scrap of sequined fabric. Combined with a moving spotlight, the result is an entrancing light show on the surface of the shell. Here is a look at our simple setup:

Photo Jan 02, 3 27 59 PM-edit.jpg

This new year, we will continue to approach our work with this sense of discovery and delight as we seek out creative design solutions for our clients – transforming ordinary into inspiring.

Carol Catalano